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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hopes to help others while in prison, quote, i'm on the threshold of a new life and i will make the best of it, he said. the judge will formally sentence joseph naso this friday morning at 9:00 a.m. there are new stunning allegations against the south bay day care worker, nicholas. he is facing new charges tonight. two more girls say he molested them at the ymca in morgan hill. one of the alleged victims just 3 years old. >> reporter: charges have now been filed involving four victims and prosecutors say he molested two girls within two hours on the same day. nicholas walked into a morgan hill courtroom today to listen to the growing list of charges
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against him. two more victims have come forward. >> involves lewd acts and touching of a child. that brings the count to four of children in regards to child molestation cases. >> reporter: they were all molested here at the day care facility this summer. he allegedly molested two girls in one day. he made a 5-year-old girl undress on a bus and took cell phone photos of her. then he molested a 6-year-old 90 minutes later. they have beefed up staffing at peak times. >> we have made sure our facilities have set up so that furniture gives a clear line of sight. >> reporter: there could be more
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victims come forward. >> this could be a situation where we have children disclosing information in 10 years, 20 years. >> reporter: one more charge to the list. he's facing a fifth charge of possession of pornography involving a morgan hill teenager. now to a follow-up. another suspected child molester in the south bay pleaded not guilty to exposing himself. chris miller was arrested last week. miller a convicted and registered sex offender was out on bail awaiting trial. he wore a kilt and flashed children as they walked by. they said while awaiting the sentencing for that date, a surveillance camera captured him luring a 10-year-old girl into
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this hallway. we continue to follow our developing story in washington, d.c. tonight we're learning more about the victims and the shooter in that navy yard massacre. there was only one shooter, the fbi has confirmed. aaron alexis was working as a sub contractor for hewlett pa packard. he did have the right security clearance to get on the case. >> reporter: the fact that aaron alexis was cleared on to this space yesterday and was able to hide a shotgun when he got in, the fact he was allowed to work here is raising questions today about how this man got his security clearance and how he kept it. some workers returned to the navy yard calling yesterday a nightmare. >> i'm glad to be alive. >> reporter: investigators searched a hotel nearby used by
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aaron alexis whom the fbi confirmed today acted by himself. >> this kind of lone wolf actor is very difficult to identify, unless they send up red flags on a regular basis. >> reporter: he did. he was treated by the va for paranoia. police said alexis told them last month he was hearing voices. he had runs in with police. in 2011 the navy discharged him early for insubordination. but he never lost the security clearance he had since 2008. he opened fire with a shotgun yesterday and not a rifle. during the rampage, she was saved by an officer who was then hit. >> the security officer that
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pushed her and her other coworkers into the fire escape right before he got shot. >> pandit was killed yesterday and kathy gaarde. >> reporter: chuck hagel placed a wreath to honor the death and the injured. the navy and washington are still reeling. >> the navy yard where the shootings happened is about a mile from the capitol and the baseball stadium. the washington nationals took the field against the braves because last night's game was postponed until today. there was a moment of silence. we continue our coverage of the shooting on our website there. you'll find the photo gallery and those text messages sent
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during the tense moments after the shooting started. new, a peaceful resolution on what to do with a pile of guns from a recent buy-back program. the drive netted hundreds of rifles and handguns. the sheriff's department proposed the idea of selling them back to the gun manufacturers. they approved a plan to allow deputies to buy their old service weapons. >> i think the board did an excellent job of looking at it in its totality and coming up with a solution. i've been on the job for 3 2 years. that gun is a part of my job every day. >> it won't entirely pay for the department's new weapons, but it will help. if the deputies do buy their
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revolvers, they cannot resell them. california is going to hire 100 new police officers. 10 of those officers will go to oakland. oakland got the most help out of all of california's cities. the grants were awarded based on financial need and crime rates. the city of hayward is also receiving funding. a string of car break-ins today. it happened in alameda valley. officials say a man in his 20s stole a chevy suburban and then crashed it on coleman. police are looking for the driver who caused a five-car pile up. it appears the driver lost
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control and crashed a blue jaguar. that caused a chain reaction and four other people to crash. the jaguar driver ran away leaving behind his car and his cell phone. no sight of him yet. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. on the peninsula the police are trying to find the hit-and-run driver that struck a behind man and his dog. reverend of the new sweet home church, said the female driver stopped after hitting him and after finding out he was okay, fled the scene. a first for gas prices that affects drivers nationwide. also -- >> this looks like a patch of woodchips and dog poop. >> she turned a vacant piece of
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land into an oasis. >> a solution to a wild pig problem. what's being done to prevent the animals from wreaking havoc. a lot of wind from the coastline into our interior valleys. we're starting to see things clear out for parts of the bay. we'll talk more about these possible showers in your seven-day coming up in just a few minutes.
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two vandals have behind bars tonight in san ramon caught in the act. these fee ral pigs have been tearing up lawns and flower beds
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in a neighborhood. because of mandatory rules, the trapper cannot release them in the wild. they have to be put down. the feral pig population has exploded in recent years. they damage more than a billion dollars worth of property each year. the flames moved so fast the residents became heros as they raced to save one of their neighbors. it broke out at a duplex and spread to two other buildings. >> my friend came and helped me. we got her out. she was screaming and running down the stairs. we ran up to his place. it was engulfed in fumes. i almost blacked out. i fell down the stairs. >> thankfully no one was hurt in
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this fire. superstorm sandy strikes twice. the massive fire at the jersey shore is linked to last year's storm. it was started by electrical wiring that had been damaged due to sandy. the skies over colorado are clear for a second day in a row. 12,000 people have been evacuated. the death toll rose to eight today. the torrential rainfall and flooding have damaged 18,000 homes. those numbers are expected to rise. team usa is on the brink of losing the america's cup, but
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mother nature intervened for at least one more day. many fans today left disappointed. high winds were the problem, so both of today's races were postponed. the wind limits were put in place as a safety protocal after a boat capsized in may killing a team member. races 11 and 12 will be bumped to tomorrow. >> the loss in may shook us pretty hard as a community, as a whole industry. our game is usually fraught with all kinds of self-interests and maneuve maneuvers. after that event, some of those self-interest arguments were set aside and we came up with these limits. >> here's where it stands. new zealand leads 7-1. it's better to ask
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forgiveness than permission. >> one san francisco woman thinks that's true. so do many of her neighbors. what she did without permission first is the subject of tonight's bay area proud. >> her story is a very san francisco story. she was raised in the u.k. but fell in love with this city the moment she got here and didn't want to leave. she got to an apartment and loved it so much, she didn't want to leave that area. one of the great things about living in san francisco's neighborhoods is the view. out almost any window a sight to behold. except at one time, this window. annie shaw's window. >> this looks like woodchips and dog poop basically.
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>> this is the plot of land annie is talking about and what it looked like in 2008 when her boyfriend said he wanted to move so they can have a garden. >> i didn't want to move house. there's a patch of land across the street. let's put flowers across the street. wrong. >> after she planted a few flowers, she felt it needed more and then some more. it was too late to turn back after she saw how much work it was. >> i just kept going. >> going for five years now. annie later learned it is now the pennsylvania street garden. >> it's amazing that people go, i didn't know there was a garden there. >> a little less than one acre
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of flowers, trees, and paths. an oasis in the city maintained not just by annie anymore, but a team of neighbors that volunteer one saturday morning a month to keep the garden growing. neighbors she didn't know before this whole thing got started. >> i feel like i know everyone in the neighborhood. i know how deeply involved people can be in improving their neighborhoods. >> she's glad she didn't know what she was getting into back then. >> i think being able to understand the community that i live in and accept it is something very important to me. it's been really heart warming. i love it. i love it.
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>> we talked about forgiveness versus permission. that was without permission. it worked so well they identified another stretch of land down the road they want to transform as well. this time they asked for permission. this time it was so much harder. she says she is done. this is enough work keeping it going. planting the flowers first and then going to cal tran. >> nobody can turn down beautiful flowers. >> it looks great. >> a lot of donations. a lot of it came out of her pocket. >> it looks beautiful. >> since they are an official nonprofit, there are grants and funding sources. to start it off, it was out of her own pocket. >> she has green thumb. let's get a check of our forecast now. i think we have a warmup and then a cooldown. >> we got a lot going on you
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guys, including some showers. it is all about that wind 15 to 39 miles per hour. we heard the america's cup was postponed today due to that wind. with america's cup tomorrow, we are going to be starting off with wind 15 to 25 miles per hour. then around noon we'll get some orange areas popping up off the coastline. we could have winds topping 30 miles per hour. america's cup may have more challenges tomorrow out on the water. our next challenge is this cool front that's going to be passing by later in the week. the possibility of some rain coming up in that seven-day forecast. let's get to our wednesday. no rain here expected. 5:00 a.m., most of the fog up against the immediate coastline. everyone expecting sunshine. temperatures in the mid 70s.
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let's take you outside right now to that high definition view on this tuesday. a little bit of fog on the western hills in san jose. not a huge marine layer right now. off to the north, foster city, some marine layer at 1500 feet. you'll get some patchy clouds for this evening. it is currently clear as we had that north wind today looking out towards san francisco. 83 here in san jose. mid 80s in the extreme south bay. about 3 to 5 degrees warmer with some of that north wind coming off the hills. we'll have some upper 7 -- 80s. san francisco at 70. 84 in santa rosa. oakland mid to upper 70s. as far as our rain goes in the forecast, we should say this is
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not a large storm system. saturday morning and afternoon, we could see trace amounts for the east bay. those of you in the south bay may not get anything at all. saturday that chance of showers. temperatures dropping that the 70s. our numbers start to go down and it looks very good monday and tuesday. very active storm track over the next two weeks. this is very good news for us. just ahead, a warning about a star search. the celebrity that could crash your computer. >> how silicon valley got millions of dollars to chase your taste buds.
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we have some breaking news out of oakland at this hour. medics are on their way to the intersection of east 17th street and 27th avenue right now. report of a child injured near a drive by shooting. we have a crew on the way. gas prices have set a new record nationwide. live pictures now of our bay area freeways. 1,000 days above $3 a gallon. these prices look like they're here to stay. the $3 gallon did not start until eight years ago. the national average is $3.52
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per gallon. san jose, 4.04 a gallon. oakland checks in at 4.03. your favorite foods just got a little bit closer. san francisco bay's gold finds foods from all over the country and ships them to you directly. it's catching on not just among customers, but among investors who just poured $3 million worth of venture funding into this company. >> it gives fuel to our engine to grow, to expand, to get the word out there. in our eyes, the perfect gift in a lot of ways is great nostalgic food. >> gold belly says it will use some of the money to hire new
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employees. search at your own risk. searching for photos of entertainer lily collins can destroy your computer. she's the most dangerous celebrity to search for. it can lead to a website with online threats such as spy ware and phishing. mark zuckerberg went back to school today. find out why next. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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mark zuckerberg made a rare public appearance today at new charter school in san francisco. he spoke to students at a new charter high school. he talked about his own experiences starting facebook and encouraged the students to aim high. >> if you have the dream, you can do it. >> we'll have more on his talk later. >> did they give him a hoodie that said 2017 there? >> doesn't that make you feel old? we have a lot going on in the weather including some rain potentially. >> a lot of people are going to be liking what we have tomorrow. upper 80s by thursday. much cooler by this weekend. saturday and sunday with that chance of showers as we head
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through saturday. >> a little something, something. >> exactly. >> summer is ending. >> good-bye. now from inside the navy yard with the gunman on the rampage. how did a man with a history of violence and mental illness get and retain his security clearance from the military? also, what we now know about those who lost their lives. cut off from the outside world. tonight our team makes the long trek on foot to those places devastated by the history-making floods. where it could be weeks before help arrives. hidden danger in the water supply, a mystery solved. now, a community is trying to take extreme measures to protect their children from a rare threat. and to the rescue. a burning building, a man trying to


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